#GoBackModi Trending on Twitter, Why?

#GoBackModi, that was the twitter trend on Thursday morning, with around 70 thousand tweets from common people to celebrate. It may remind us the pre-independence era of Simon go back, but now it’s more than just about politics, this trend shows the anger of Tamilian people against prime minister Narendra Modi.

When PM Modi arrives at Chennai airport, he was welcomed by black flags and chants of go back mode. Now it’s not just on twitter, its spread like forest fire all around the Tamilnadu. The whole state is observing “bandh” against the PM Modi visit and we all know what was the reason.

It’s not just Cauvery issue, Tamilians are angry over many things and the outburst is now visible to everyone. River Cauvery is a lifeline of Tamilnadu people and the dispute of Cauvery issue is still unresolved even after the supreme court has announced its verdict.

A special bench of chief justice of India Dipak Mishra delivered the final verdict of the Cauvery issue. Awarding 14.75 tmcft(thousand million cubic feet) of water to Karnataka as the need of the city Bengaluru as it becomes a global city.

But they forgot the hardship of Tamilian people who rely so much on Cauvery and now Tamilnadu shares less water with its own state. River Cauvery is one of the only sources of water they have and now, they have ration it with other state. The failure of the central government of distributing water of Cauvery is one of the main reason of the protest, as the sun goes higher in the sky, people are gathering and protesting against Modi is going hotter.

Modi who will be will be addressing the Defense Expo 2018 and also observing fast on the same day because of the disruption of opposition in parliament that washes out the whole session is now amidst of the protest. It will be really hard for him to do anything there and when the election is here, it will be really hard to do any rallies when people are genuinely angry at him.

This trend #gobackmodi has attracted thousands of people for many reasons. First of all, there is no bot or political cell behind this trends. It’s run by the people of Tamilnadu and people who support the Tamilnadu all over the world. With celebrity tweeting this hashtag, it has soon come to the number one trending hashtag in India, turning everyone’s eyes to the issue. Now when elections are on the way, we have to see the reaction of people from the result.


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