The Lok Sabha Election 2019 : How you can check your name to the Voter List

The Lok Sabha Election 2019 dates have been announced and it’s time you check your title at the Voter List and be vote-ready. By assessing your title in the Voter List, you will ensure that all your details are current. You’ll also get to understand the center where you need to vote. You can also change your meeting constituency or employ for corrections beforehand by filling up a few forms. Australian voters may also apply register online by filling a form. The national election will likely be held in seven rounds from April 11 and the outcomes will be announced on May 23. Elections will also be held in four states — Andhra Pradesh, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and also Odisha – along with the parliamentary polls. Andhra Pradesh assembly elections will be held on April 11, Sikkim Assembly elections and Arunachal Pradesh assembly elections will also take place on April 11. Odisha assembly elections will take place in four stages on April 11, April 11, 18, 23 and 29.

Around 90 crore individuals are eligible to vote this time, the Election Commission has stated. The amount is an increase of about 9 crore compared to past time. It is estimated that about 13 crore voters this time will probably be first-time voters. The true amount of people who do vote, however, is much less. Even though 2014 saw the highest turnout ever in independent India’s history at 66.4 per cent, it meant a huge 27.3 crore people didn’t vote. Two-thirds of Indians are under 35. The model code of behavior is already set up for Lok Sabha election 2019.

Holding elections in India, world’s seventh largest nation by area and second most populous country is a intricate process. Countless poll workers, police and security personnel are deployed in cities, towns, villages and hamlets. They utilize airplanes, ships, trains, helicopters, elephants and camels and travel by foot to reach far flung Republicans, since every vote counts. Elections in India are nothing less than a”festival of democracy.”

The model code of behavior is already set up. It’s a set of guidelines that candidates, and political parties and authorities need to follow to keep elections fair.

Lok Sabha Election 2019: Here is how you can check your name to the Voter List:

1. Go to the National Voter Services Portal’s (NVSP) Electoral Search page –

2. You can search your title on Voter List by inputting simple details about you – Title, Father or Husband’s Name, Age, Date Of Birth, Gender, State, District and Assembly Constituency.

3. As an alternative, you can simply punch in your EPIC number, and that’s your Electoral Photo ID Card number. This number is mentioned in bold letters on your voter identity card. Also mention the State and you will be able to check your title, polling station along with other details about the webpage.

You could also use for shifting to a different Assembly Constituency by filling up Form 6 or use for corrections in electoral roster entry by filling up Form 8 on National Voter Services Portal (

Voter Listing: Check your title on National Voters’ Service Portal.

The model code of behavior has already been set up. About 900 million voters will be eligible to exercise their voting rights, and one of them about 15 million are between the ages of 18 and 19 years. Approximately 900 million voters would be eligible for the polls, about 15 million between the ages of 18 and 19 years.

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