Orissa Land Records Village Map

Orissa Land Record Village Map which includes Land Record, Bhulekh Orissa Land Record. Those people who belongs from Orissa State, now they can check land records from online. This scheme was launched by Orissa government. Total Land Record and land details description and explanation and How it works calculation in this article.

Apna Khata Odisha | Map | Land Record| Bhulekh Orissa Land Record

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Here is a piece of great news for people who are from Odisha and now they can applicability land patta within hours from the New Year. Now, the people from Orissa/Odhisa can check land records comfortably externally any concern as per the Government of India who proposed a measure to computerize the land records. As per under the leadership, Government has expressed an order to all states to create online systems which contribute landowners their specifics with just a few clicks.

Odisha government has a system which is known as ‘Bhulekh‘ under the sanctioned which landowners can get all the land record of their land. The National Informatics Center(NIC) of Odisha unit and the revenue department of Odisha have refined Bhulekh Software which will implement all the land records online to the end-users.

Land Records Search Of Odisha | Bhulekh Of Odisha

The Software/Online web portal which is extensively noted with distinct names like Ori Bhulekh, Odisha Bhulekh, Orissa Online Land Records, Odisha ROR and Odisha Land Records etc. The website conceives by the Odisha state government who contribute ROR data of about 310 tehsils from the state. The Odisha state has a total of 30 districts onward with a total of 317 tehsils and 2064 RICs.

On the other hand, the state of Odisha contain around 51210 villages and all the records of these villages have been computerized by the Odisha state government and which are made accessible on the Bhulekh web portal of the state. If you want to check the land record online then the landowner or the user has to select district name, subdivision. Tehsil, village name. It is also mandatory to enter Khatiyan number, plot number or name of the tenant.

Apna khata odisha|map|land record| bhulekh Orissa land record

If you want to check the land records of Odisha then the here is the official website for checking the land records is http://bhulekh.ori.nic.in/RoRView.aspx  and consequently, you need to visit the website of derivation the movement of verification.

As per seen the website you can toggle among the ROR View and the Map View. This can be done efficiently by directly deciding ROR View or Map View from the top navigation menu.

If you want to choose the ROR View then you can honestly enter the District, Tehsil, Village and RI Circle from the section on the page and if you determine the Map View, then you can enter the District, Tehsil, Village, RI Circle and RI Circle on the page.

Once it is done, then you have three options which you have to select “Khatiyan, Plot & Tenant”. Appoint once which you want to find then click on the submit button and the details will be visible to you.

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