PM Narendra Modi fast over ‘washout’ of Parliament proceedings ,Good or Bad?

In India, fasting is known to be a religious practice by both Hindus and Muslim. But right now, the political atmosphere in India is about fasting for a cause. Both parties, BJP and NDA took a stand about fasting for a cause, but their both agenda is different. While prime minister Narendra Modi will observe fast on 12th April, the reason is surprisingly not religious but political.

On 9th April, Congress has announced that they will observe a fast for a day against BJP’s neglection for Dalits. In the tweet, Congress said “Atrocities against Dalits, Adivasis, & minorities are rising under the Modi Govt. Congress Party units across India will be observing a fast today to protest against this & to promote harmony amongst various sections of society.”


But as the day started and Sadhbhawna Upwas which mean fast for harmony was undergoing and observed nationwide as well as Rajghat, where Congress party president Rahul Gandhi was present. The news was spread of Congress leader eating breakfast before the fast, goes viral.

Another issue was two of their MP, which didn’t take part in fast. Sajjan Kumar and Jagdish Tytler were not on the podium as they were “told” not to come. They are both accused in 1984 Sikh riot and that is why it was obvious that their presence would hurt more than help.

Now its time for the BJP to answer, so now they will observe a fast on 11th April nationwide. Prime minister Narendra Modi alongside Amit Shah and all other MP will observe a day-long fast because of the washout of the recent Parliament session. PM Modi won’t disrupt his work for the day and continue to work even in the fast.

The fast war between two biggest parties today suggest that they are going in the right direction. Observing fast for cause was originally came from Mahatma Gandhi, but today, both parties are making a big hype of something which is not useful to anyone.

On one side, Congress has observed fast, and when the breakfast news spread, they say, it was symbolic. Congress spokesperson said it was to be observed between 10 am to 4 pm as it was symbolic fast and the party workers are free to eat. For that argument, BJP has a name that even farce of fast.


With PM Modi observing the fast, it was also for the wash out of the session in parliament. They accused Congress of disrupting work of the parliament and doesn’t let pass bills. With millions of party worker observing fast all around India, it’s really hard to show that BJP was fasting for a cause or just making a mockery of Congress on How to fast?

If we think about the whole fasting matter, media has diverted the whole scenario to something else. From breakfast and to saying Modi anti-Dalit. The whole reason of fasting was deferent and when on 12th April, BJP will observe fast, and media will divert the main topic again.



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